With a broad background and many years within the architecture, design and fashion industry I work as a creative consultant with a focus on conceptual work, fast problem solving, conceptual projects and production . My clients and work range from architecture offices, cities, cultural projects and fashion brands to pop up concepts and art installations. My studio is an energy hub where I invite and work with other creative minds from fashion, architecture, industrial design, art, music, film, media or technology. My aim is always to listen to my customers, look for new and sustainable solutions and to improve our common surrounding. With that broad background I move freely within multi-diciplinary worlds and use a growth mindset approach to my work and surrounding. Xx  Jenny  Some of my previous clients and collaborators include Vitamin Water, Boulebar, Alcoy City, Abelardo Gonzales, STAND, Arrow Architects, Adams & Collingwood Architects, Irma & Phlake.