Let's take a brief Monday moment and listen to the amazing and new band Phlake. The Danish male duo is an exciting music clash who creates some softly R&B/Soul Pop crossovers with a perfect retro-ish touch. Mads Bo and Jonathan Elkær are tall and talented, full of musicality and humor so make sure you don't miss them this

Tobias Jesso19 Mar 2015

Tobias Jesso

Some people you just love at first sight. Tobias Jesso is one of them. When everything just felt a bit grey and routine-worthless he showed up and made my day! The young musician just released his debut album Goon and I am sure that this album will be all over the place through out 2015. Retro piano tunes with his smooth voice and brilliant texts are just too good. He is also touring in Europe this


If you still haven’t heard about Kindness you really have NO excuse not to listen to him right now. We said NOW! Kindness is the solo project of British singer Adam Bainbridge, the coolest and cutest boyman we have seen for a while. He floats between genres and we just can’t get enough. Listen, enjoy, listen a bit more and

Clara Schumann

There are hidden treasures to be found and the German musician and composer Clara Schumann is one of them. Clara was married to the Robert Schumann, who in many ways is the most famous of the two of them. But rumors say Clara was the composer, the inspiration and the energy behind many of Roberts compositions.       Clara was born 1819 and her father early decided her path and gave her musical lessons


Sometimes you fall over inspiring people that give you goosebumps only by their existence. Woodkid is one of those people.       Yoann Lemoine, the man behind Woodkid, is a French music video director, graphic designer and singer-songwriter. He has done amazing videos for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey to name a few. The american girls in other words. But oh boy, when he had the chance to create something for himself